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Four Tips To Create an Awesome Landing Page

In order to have a successful small business and sell more products (or your services), you need to have an awesome landing page. This page, on your website, can be considered a sales page. The whole goal of a landing page is to catch the attention of your potential customers and hopefully convert those leads into customers and help them to take action.

Here are some tips to help you create an awesome landing page.

  • Make your landing page mobile friendly

As more and more people get smartphones and use them frequently, the chance goes up that someone will find your page while on a mobile device. Be sure to test your page out on desktop and mobile devices to ensure they have easy access to the information you are providing and take action.

  • Review your call to action

Instead of having a submit button to push when readers submit their information, get creative. Try using the words that describe what action you are hoping to get such as ‘subscribe’, ‘download now’, etc.

  • Have a video on your landing page.

Videos are very powerful. You can give your potential customers a lot of information in a video while also catching their attention. A lot of people don’t like to read a lot, but will take a minute to watch a video.

  • Hire a copywriter.

Though not everyone wants to outsource, if you are not a great and powerful writer, it may be worth hiring someone who is. With the right copy, you may see an increase in sales (and probably pretty quickly).

Small changes and constant testing can improve your landing page performance, giving you more chances to convert leads into customers. To learn more about how to improve your business online presence visit our Nationwide Blog.  

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