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GoalTracker Launch Update

We wrote to members in late February 2020 about enhancing our super offering with GoalTracker: a new and better way to do super. One of the benefits of GoalTracker is that it’s designed to take the worry and emotion out of trying to choose your investment strategy – over the course of a working life. It can personalise an investment strategy that is better suited to each individual – based on their goals and personal situation.

Learn more about GoalTracker here

Taking extra care

We will continue to prepare and launch GoalTracker. However, given the uncertainty and volatility in investment markets, we are taking extra precautions in the roll out of these enhancements.

This means GoalTracker will now be launched in phases:

  • The GoalTracker investment option will still launch as planned on 28th March. This means all members will see GoalTracker as an option on the investment menu shortly after that.
  • If you are a MySuper member, GoalTracker will become your investment option as we have previously communicated to you in late February. However, given market volatility, we won’t change any of your investments right away. Instead we will move your actual investments from the old investment strategy to your new GoalTracker strategy slower than originally anticipated, to help manage risk.
  • There will be a limited processing period as planned, where certain features like switching investment options will not be available online for around a week commencing 24th March. Rest assured, that if you want to switch options, you will be able to do so using a paper form during this period.
  • Finally, to enable you to further personalise your super, we’ll be rolling out a full suite of GoalTracker tools via your online account. This will help you to set a goal and tell GoalTracker more about your personal situation. Once available, you’ll see these when you login.

Remember if you want to get the most out of GoalTracker, make sure you have registered for online access to your super account if you haven’t already done so.