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Nationwide MySuper Product Dashboard

The following provides information about the Nationwide MySuper investment option:

Nationwide MySuper option

Return target

A per annum estimate of the expected net return in excess of CPI over 10 years

Inflation (CPI) plus 3% per year (after investment and administration fees, costs and taxes, excluding activity fees and insurance costs) over a 10 year period
Return 10 year average return of 2.93% p.a. as at 30 June 2017


Comparison between return target and return

The annual net return for each year of the last ten years

mysuper graph showing net returns

Past performance is no indication of future performance.

Level of investment risk

The estimated number of negative annual returns over a 20 year period

Medium to High

The estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period is 3.5 years

Statement of fees and other costs

The example total amount of fees a member will pay with an average account balance

$915 per year

Administration and investment fees and costs, excluding insurance premiums and specific services fees, for a member with $50,000 balance, over a one year period. This includes $180 in estimated investment manager performance fees.