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Super simplicity

Find super confusing, complex and better left for another day? The good news is, you’re not alone. The better news is, with the right tools and a guide to help you along the way, saving for your future could be easier than you think.

Super is designed to help fund your lifestyle when you stop work. You and your employer put money into your account and over time it’s likely to grow into one of your biggest financial assets during your working life. But how do you know if your super is on track to pay for the lifestyle you want in the future?

Setting a goal is the first step to turning your dream into a reality. With our latest innovation, you can easily and painlessly set a goal for your future. And the best part? Once you’ve set your goal, we build your super around you to help you achieve it.

Goal setting: long-term vision, short-term motivation

Often, just the word ‘retirement’ makes it easy to tune out. We get it, why care about your super if you can’t access it for another 20 years or more. But here’s the catch. The choices you make now can make a big difference to the type of lifestyle you’ll live in retirement.

Setting goals is an effective way to imagine your ideal future, and to motivate yourself to work towards that vision. Goals give you a target and direction and, when you can measure them, provide a clear benchmark for determining if you are actually on course. Whether you’re an avid goal-setter or take a more ad hoc approach, most of us know the focus a goal can bring.

Setting a meaningful goal for you super

When you start thinking about retirement, it can be overwhelming. Like how much do you need to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement? Are you saving enough? How do you get your super on track?

Each of these questions can be difficult to answer on its own, let alone tackling all of them at once. GoalTracker helps by breaking it down into a set of simple steps.

GoalTracker leads you through four simple steps

  1. Get a clearer picture of your future
    By telling us more about yourself, GoalTracker will show you the income you’re heading for in retirement. Using details about your life now, like whether you have other super accounts or when you’d like to retire, GoalTracker sets the scene, clearly showing how much to expect each year in retirement.
  2. Set a goal that’s right for you
    We help you with that all important step of visualising your future. Through a mixture of images and words, you can tell us whether you expect to cover the basics, live comfortably or be aspirational across a range of lifestyle categories in retirement. Even if you’ve never thought about it, we can really help you imagine your ideal retirement, turning your choices into a meaningful, tangible retirement income goal.
  3. Track you progress
    Much like a fitness tracker, you can check how you’re tracking to your retirement income goal at any time, helping to keep you motivated and take positive steps towards your future.
  4. Personalised support
    Along the way you’ll receive suggestions to get and keep your super on track. And if you want to speak with an expert, Russell Investments’ one-to-one guidance is there when you need it.

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