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Business Management: Why Do My Employees Not Like Me?

You might think being likeable is low on the list of ‘what makes a good business leader’ – but you’d be wrong. When employees like their boss they are more inclined to do a good job. The work atmosphere is more comfortable with less tension when workers feel good about their manager.

A pleasant environment enables employees to work at their full capacity. Also, staff members find it easier to come to a leader they like when they have concerns. Become a little more self-aware, and try to understand what it is you do that might make you seem unlikable, so you can improve your every-day relationship with your employees:

  • Your door is closed. Employees don’t like to have to knock to get your attention. Make yourself accessible with an open door that invites them to share information, ideas and concerns with you.
  • You are often loud. Raising your voice to your workers signals a lack of faith in them and your disregard for their efforts. Resist the impulse to yell by forcing yourself to wait 15 seconds before responding to an aggravating situation.
  • The business is in chaos because you don’t know what you are doing. Employees don’t like managers who are inefficient in their jobs. Invest time in making yourself competent with appropriate education and practice.
  • Micromanagement is your go-to strategy for making sure work gets done. Hovering over your employees shows disrespect for their abilities and work ethics. Avoid this practice to show faith in your team.
  • You are not accountable. You, as the leader, should shoulder the blame when your organisation makes a mistake, regardless of who’s actually at fault. Acknowledgement and rectification garners your employees’ respect.
  • You play favourites. It is obvious to staff members when you praise and promote certain workers due to your fondness for them. When you neglect others deserving of accolades, anger results from the unfairness. Be consistent and treat all employees equitably.

Again, it is important to be liked by your employees. Take time to change the things you do that compromise a good rapport with your staff. Everyone will benefit.

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