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    Annual Member Survey Winners

    Congratulations to the promotional winners from the Annual Member Survey: K. Hunter of QLD, A. Gordon of VIC, C. Jensen of QLD, M. Dos Santos Silva and D. Devi of NSW.

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Elderly couple discussing their superannuation and retirement plans

How to Determine How Much Super You Need

The amount of superannuation you’ll need in retirement depends on many factors, such as how long you expect to live, anticipated medical costs, and the lifestyle you want. Find out more.

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Couple reviewing their investment and budgeting plans

Tips to Plan For Your Retirement

Almost everyone dreams of a day when they can do whatever they want. They can’t wait for the day that they can retire and ‘work’ no longer needs to be a priority. However, as so many people live from pay to pay, retirement can feel so very far away. Here are some tips to plan for your retirement.

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Vintage looking man shouting with a megaphone - representing telling people about his new business

Four Tips for Starting a New Business

More and more people are dreading the daily grind of going to work for someone else. Instead of continuing the nine to five, many people are starting their own business. It is not always easy and you can end up working a lot more hours, especially in the early stages, though most people say that it is worth it. Here are some tips for starting a new business.

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Three pairs of concentric hands with gold coins representing superannuation beneficiaries

Nominating Superannuation Beneficiaries

As super death benefits don’t automatically form part of your Will, it’s important you nominate a beneficiary so your super fund knows who you want to get your super after you are gone. Find out how.

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Woman opening her new business - open sign on door

4 Ways To Find Investors For Your Small Business

After creating a killer business plan, the next step to building your small business is getting funding: that means that you have to find investors. Here are some ways to help you find investors to fund your small business.

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Coins with plants sprouting representing superannuation growth

What Are My Retirement and Super Investment Options?

Let’s take a look at the common investment channels of shares, properties, fixed interest and cash. The proportion of your total investment ‘bucket’ that you have in each of these areas lets you know what type of investment you’ve got, how much risk you’re taking, and what types of returns you can hope to get. Learn more.

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