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  • Employer Newsreel Video Series - Single Touch Payroll

    Welcome to the first ‘Small Business Super Business’ Newsreel by the Nationwide Super team. In this August 2019 update, we cover the key details of the government’s new Single Touch Payroll scheme that is now effective for businesses of any size in Australia.

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    Nationwide Super: The super fund for small business

    Nationwide Super is the super fund for small business. We’re here to cater for the changing needs of Australian workers and the small-to-medium-sized businesses employing them.

    As the Small Business Super Business, we keep it simple, and we’re here to support you and help you to make the most of your future, wherever you are, Nationwide. The brand refresh to Nationwide Super is designed to better reflect our work with business owners and their employees across Australia.

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Teamwork at office

Four Business Management Tips

Whether you run a one-man online business or you have multiple employees, you deserve to run a successful business. We all know how hard it can be. However, if you manage your business efficiently, your business is already on the way to being successful.

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Idea concept

Three Things To Determine If Your Business Idea is Good

It can be hard to determine if your business idea is going to be profitable, though here are some things that will help you know if you have a good idea.

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dog rests gently on his master's shoulder while looking at view

Tips for Attracting Repeat Customers for Your Business

The main focus of any business should be customer retention. Here are a few tips to help increase customer loyalty to your company.

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Have you done a quick super check lately?

Obviously, we think paying super is an important part of being an employer. We also understand there are plenty of other things you need to do every day to run your business.
So, here’s a quick checklist to help make sure you’ve this whole super thing sorted.

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Woman with bucket of ideas

Your Unique Path to Small Business Success

Focus on what’s unique about your business, and communicate this within your branding and marketing activities, to ensure business success.

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Cyber security concept

Cybersecurity and Data Loss Threats for Business Owners

What are the threats when it comes to data loss? Find out how can you reduce the risk of data loss for your business.

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