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Top view of business team working at trendy loft office. Young mixed race group of people puts palm together on centre, crowdfunding concept

How Do I Crowdfund My New Business Idea?

Crowdfunding is a great avenue for raising capital when more traditional ways to get funding may not be available. Using a few of these tips can help you to develop a successful campaign and get you the funding you need to get your new business off the ground. Find out more.

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Young woman writing her business plan

Four Tips to Write a Business Plan

Before you start a business, it is really important to have a business plan. This not only helps you know what direction you want your business to go, but is also necessary to help you get funding if needed. It can be difficult to write a business plan, especially if you have never written one before. Here are some tips to write your own business plan.

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Data warping into safe box - how to keep business information safe concept

Keeping your business information safe

You should ensure your business information and records are secure, not only for your protection, but for the protection of your employees and customers.  As a business owner, you end up with access to some very sensitive and personal information, such as personal contact details and bank account details.  Learn more.

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Employees working and chatting in an open plan office - representing how to pay super to staff

How to Pay Super for Your Employees

Nationwide have partnered with SCH Online to offer employers a ‘clearing house’ solution – where you make one super contribution for all your employees, regardless of which fund their super is with. Find out more.

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Coins with plants sprouting representing superannuation growth

What Are My Retirement and Super Investment Options?

Let’s take a look at the common investment channels of shares, properties, fixed interest and cash. The proportion of your total investment ‘bucket’ that you have in each of these areas lets you know what type of investment you’ve got, how much risk you’re taking, and what types of returns you can hope to get. Learn more.

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Super clearing house

What Is a Super Clearing House?

A super clearing house allows you to manage and pay all of your employer superannuation contributions online, and from one location, regardless of the fund your employee is with. Find out more about the benefits.

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