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  • Employer Newsreel Video Series - Single Touch Payroll

    Welcome to the first ‘Small Business Super Business’ Newsreel by the Nationwide Super team. In this August 2019 update, we cover the key details of the government’s new Single Touch Payroll scheme that is now effective for businesses of any size in Australia.

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  • Small business example - Two horses trotting near a fence with sunset in background

    Nationwide Super: The super fund for small business

    Nationwide Super is the super fund for small business. We’re here to cater for the changing needs of Australian workers and the small-to-medium-sized businesses employing them.

    As the Small Business Super Business, we keep it simple, and we’re here to support you and help you to make the most of your future, wherever you are, Nationwide. The brand refresh to Nationwide Super is designed to better reflect our work with business owners and their employees across Australia.

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Freelance designer brainstorming new ideas

5 Ways that Small Businesses Benefit from Hiring Freelancers

In the early stages of your business, you may find greater benefits from retaining freelancers than from hiring full- or even part-time employees. By retaining freelancers to handle the tasks that support the running of the business, such as bookkeeping, you can concentrate all of your efforts on the core value of your business. Learn more.

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Man sitting at computer working on his small business

More Tips to Manage a Small Business

Now that you have your business up and running, the real work begins. Planning and starting a business can be a lot of fun and now you have to make your dream a reality. Here are some more tips to help you manage your small business.

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Protection background. Technology security. Cyber Security for business concept.

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips for Business

It’s important to keep both your customer and business information safe. Data is easily compromised without the right security, which can pose a major threat to you and your customers. Here are a few tips to keep your small business safe from cyber threats.

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Young woman working her small business

More Tips to Help You Manage a Small Business

Once you have your business up and running, the hard work is just beginning. You have to market your business if you want it to be successful, and there are plenty of experts available to help if you have the budget. You should also consider hiring a professional to make sure that you start your paperwork off on the right foot. Learn more.

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Businessman shielding himself with his hands from the drawings of calendars and clocks on the grey wall. Business and time-management. Organising and planning. Productivity and efficiency.

What are some effective Time Management Strategies?

Time management is really important, especially when you have your own business. You have to be careful with your time so that you can get everything done, no matter how busy you feel. These time management strategies will help you with your business and life.

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Australian coins and banknotes for new business investment concept.

How Do I Find an Investor for my Business?

Many people look for investors to help them get their new business started. The best way to go about this depends on your business and finance needs, and also whether you’re prepared to offer equity in your business for that initial funding. Learn more.

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