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Reduce costs and increase cashflow in a small business

Reduce Costs and Improve Cash Flow In Your Small Business

There are several ways you can shave your operational costs, improve cash flow and avoid the anxiety of being unable to pay your creditors – and this does not have to involve letting go of your staff. Read our top 9 tips.

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Publicity online

How To Get Free Publicity For Your Small Business

Every business owner struggles to build a name through public exposure and with the limited budget of SMEs, advertising a business may be difficult. Often when it comes to advertising and publicity it is expected to come at a cost, however, there are a number of methods you can use to publicise your business that don’t need a massive investment

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Franchise your business

How to turn your small business into a franchise in Australia

Australia today is arguably one of the major players in the world of franchising with estimates that there are more franchise systems per capita than any other country. If you are looking at how to franchise your small business in Australia, this guide will help you.

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2021 Federal Budget

2021/22 Federal Budget This summary of the Federal Budget announcements highlights key changes for investors and advisers, particularly in superannuation, and provides commentary on the macro-economic view. May 2021 Superannuation update Minimum Superannuation Guarantee (SG) threshold scrapped The Government will remove the current $450 per month minimum income threshold for compulsory minimum SG contributions, with […]

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Buying an existing business, business deal

How To Buy An Existing Small Business in Australia in 2021

A key reason why some people consider buying an existing business aside from the existing infrastructure is the ongoing cash flow. However, buying a small business isn’t as easy as shaking hands with the owner. In Australia, there are steps and processes that you have to go through to get that business.

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Recruiting Employees - Interviews

7 Strategies for Finding Good Employees for Your Small Business in 2021

It’s essential to find employees that have the right skills and mindset for the job, as well as employees who are likely to be good long-term fits for your company.

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