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Distractions while Working from Home

Who has not dreamed of owning their own business?  The idea of no boss hovering over you, choosing your own hours and working from home instead of driving into an office every day is very appealing.  But before you pack up your desk and say goodbye to your co-workers, consider what working at home actually looks like. It is not as easy as it sounds, mainly because distractions while working from home are everywhere.

4 Top Distractions

1. Children

If you have kids, then you know exactly how much time and attention they take. Even for school age kids, making them meals, refereeing fights and keeping them occupied outside of school hours all take focus off of your work, clients and deadlines.  

2. The Kitchen

When you work at an office, you can’t just pop into the kitchen for a sandwich or a snack whenever you feel like it (at least you are not supposed to do that).  When you work at home, there is no-one to stop you from taking time out to eat, drink and just generally avoid work – not to mention the potential effect on your waistline!

3. The Internet

No matter what kind of work from home you do, chances are that some of it will involve spending time online.  You might chat with customers, email suppliers or work with accounting software.  And just a click away is a vast web of useless information, silly videos and weird pictures.  Not to mention tweets, pins and posts from friends and family.  Getting distracted by the internet makes time fly.  It also prevents you from getting your work done.

4. The Television

When you spend your weekdays away from home you have little idea about what is on the television during the morning or early afternoon. When you work from home, it is too easy to find out.  One click of the remote and you are soon watching your favourite show.  These distractions can eat up an entire day before you know it.


So, while working from home is a dream for many, make sure that you consider the reality. Know that distractions will come from all directions and understand that staying focused on your work is your key to success.

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