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Introducing GoalTracker®  – a better way to do super

Always looking for ways to innovate for our members, the award-winning GoalTracker program is designed to give you confidence, clarity and control over your financial future.

In three simple steps, you can calculate how much income you’ll need to fund the lifestyle you want in retirement, see how you’re tracking to your income goal and make a plan to help you get there.

Offered exclusively to members at no extra cost, GoalTracker is based on the same 85+ years of investment experience trusted by some of the world’s largest investors.

How GoalTracker works

Using your online account or the Super Tracker app, GoalTracker can:

  1. CALCULATE the amount of income you’re heading for in retirement
    Based on your current income, super balance and factors such as your age, we can tell you what kind of future income you could expect in retirement.
  2. Help you SET a goal that’s right for the retirement lifestyle you want
    Choose what your ideal lifestyle in retirement looks like and GoalTracker can help to work out how much super you would need to make it a reality.
  3. Offer tailored advice and strategies to help ACHIEVE it
    Take it to the next level with personalised investment advice offered via GoalTracker Plus for your super account or simulate the impact of additional contributions, at no extra cost.

MyTracker in Action

Are you tracking to your retirement goal? Get a clearer picture of your future with the MyTracker tool, a part of the GoalTracker program. Watch these short videos to learn more about how it works.


Have GoalTracker build your super around you today

Simply login to your online MemberAccess account or the Super Tracker App and follow the prompts to get a clearer picture of your future.

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Super simplicity

Find super confusing, complex and better left for another day? GoalTracker can make saving for your future easier than you think.

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