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Outstanding GoalTracker® returns

The GoalTracker Investment Option has been among the top MySuper performers^ across all super funds, delivering outstanding returns of up to 13.5% for the last financial year.

The GoalTracker Investment Option, the default1 investment option for Nationwide Super, has delivered outstanding results for members for the 2022-23 financial year.

Members under age 50, who were invested in the GoalTracker Investment Option, enjoyed double-digit investment returns of 13.5% for the last financial year. Members aged 51 to 60 saw returns between 9.9% and 13.5%, while those over age 60 saw returns of 9.9%.

That puts GoalTracker among the top performers versus comparable^ options from other funds over the same period. It also compares well to the MySuper option of well-known funds like Australian Super at 8.2% and Australian Retirement Trust at 9.9%~ for the 2022/23 financial year.

Age GoalTracker – 1 yr performance to 30/06/2023 GoalTracker – 3 yr performance to 30/06/2023 GoalTracker annualised performance since inception (28/03/20 – 30/06/23)
30 13.5% 9.7% 11%
40 13.5% 9.7% 11%
50 13.5% 9.7% 11%
55 11.7% 8.3% 9.5%
60+ 9.9% 6.8% 8%
Returns are net of investment fees, costs and investment taxes (where applicable), and also net of the Trustee Administration Fee. Members investing with GoalTracker Plus should refer to their Annual Benefit Statement for their personalised investment returns. Source: Russell Investments. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Please note, members investing with GoalTracker Plus should refer to their Annual Benefit Statement for their investment returns, which will be sent later in the year.

How we invest

If you haven’t made an active investment choice2, we invest your super in the GoalTracker Investment Option.

Investing your super based on the information it knows about you, the GoalTracker Investment Option is unlike any other in our investment menu.

Underlying the GoalTracker Investment Option is a carefully considered diversified portfolio invested across a range of asset classes. When you’re younger, your investment strategy will have a higher allocation to growth assets to help grow your super balance. As you approach retirement, it will increase your allocation to defensive assets to help protect your savings3.

The great(est) comeback

These outstanding returns are all the more important in light of the overall negative returns that impacted the super industry in the 2021-22 financial year.

The GoalTracker Investment Option is structured with a view to the long term with higher allocations to Australian and international shares. Add in last year’s resilient share markets, and it’s easy to see how it can deliver strong returns and generally outperform over the long term.

And this means more super in your account. While we’re always encouraging you to take small actions today to grow your super for the future, we know that strong investment returns are also key to growing your hard-earned super savings. And we’re very pleased to have delivered this to you.

Taking the long-term view

The best thing about such outstanding returns is that they are a timely reminder of the ups and downs of investment markets. Chant West calls it “a reward for fund members who have remained patient and maintained a long-term focus.”4

As with any investment, super is not immune to volatile markets, global events and economic shifts. Take a look at the median growth fund returns for the past four financial years: -0.6% in FY2019-20, 18% in FY2020-21, -3.3% in FY2021-22 and now 9.2% this past year in the chart below. It is quite a rollercoaster ride.

Growth Funds – Financial Year Returns (%)

Note: Performance is shown net of investment fees and tax. It does not include administration fees. Source: Chant West. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

As a leading global investment manager with over $447 billion in assets under management (as of 30 June 2023), Russell Investments is well positioned to make the most of such ‘up one minute and down the next’ market conditions.

You can rest assured that you’re tapping into the same highly rated, award-winning global investment expertise as some of the world’s largest investors. We call it ‘the big investor advantage’.

Of course, while it’s great to enjoy great returns in a single year, it’s more important to consider the long-term performance of your super investments. It’s what will have a greater impact on how you’re tracking against your own long-term goal—specifically your income goal for life after work.

And the easiest way to do this? The GoalTracker Program.

Make the most of the GoalTracker Program

There’s more to GoalTracker than being an investment option.

In fact, it is a comprehensive program that can help to take the guesswork out of super. The innovative and award-winning GoalTracker Program offers a simple, step-by-step approach to growing and managing your super.

In three steps, GoalTracker can:

  1. CALCULATE your expected income after work
  2. Help you CHOOSE your ideal lifestyle after work
  3. Offer tailored advice and strategies to help ACHIEVE it.

In fact, one in four members in the Russell Investments Master Trust (which includes Nationwide Super) have actively engaged with the GoalTracker program5. And if you haven’t done it already, why not log in to your online account to experience the difference?

First time logging in? Register for online access.

Your 2022-2023 annual benefit statement

We’re currently working on your 2022-23 annual statement and most members can expect to start receiving their statements in mid-September. These great investment returns will be captured in the statement.

Your annual statement is a helpful way to take stock of all the key aspects of your super savings. It covers:

  • Key highlights
  • Account history
  • Investments at a glance
  • Investment returns
  • Insurance benefits and beneficiaries
  • Transaction history
  • Fees and costs summary

It can also be a great motivator to review how your super is invested and to take stock of what small actions you can do today to grow and manage your super to suit your circumstance and retirement income goal.

1 The default or MySuper investment option is generally considered a fair measure, as it’s built on the principle of providing a simple, cost-effective, and balanced product to members invested in a default investment option.
2 Check out the performance of the other options on our investment menu.
3 The investment manager may make tactical changes to the option’s strategic asset allocation from time-to-time in response to capital market expectations.
4 Media release: Resilient share markets propel super funds to a strong 9.2% return, 19 July 2023, Chant West.
5 Source: Russell Investments.
^Source: Top quartile performance vs. MySuper Lifecycle Funds ChantWest Universe for 1 and 3 years to 30 June 2023