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Go for gold

Like any long-term goal, reaching your optimum financial fitness at the age you wish to stop work takes planning, preparation, action and commitment.

However, taking a few super simple actions now, like setting a retirement income goal to focus you on your path or making an additional contribution to help you achieve that goal, will not only set you up for the best chance at a great life after work, but will also put you in the running for a $5,000 super top-up* (plus there’s monthly top-ups on offer). Now that’s a chance at a head-start.


It’s go time

To help you, we’ve put together a set of super simple actions you can take now to get your super in shape for your future.

Take an action a day or do it all now. But by focussing on these small steps, you will reap the rewards.

So, whether you’re just getting started with your financial fitness, or you’re already a pro – there’s a super simple action you can take to help achieve super gold.

Register for online access and make the switch from paper to online

If you’ve never gone online to check out your super account, now’s the time. Having access to your super online, gives you greater control and visibility of what is happening with your super. It also means you have access to online tools to help keep your super in check.

You’ll need your member number and to confirm some details. Not sure what your member number is? Call us on 1800 025 241.

➢ Register now


Download and log in to the Super Tracker App

Most of us track our steps, sleep, spending or calories, and now it’s just as easy to track your super savings. The Super Tracker App lets you access your super 24/7 and delivers much more than just your balance or latest investment returns.

You’ll need to be registered for online access, so you can use your details to log in to the app. Then log in to Super Tracker, using your member number and online access password.

➢ Download for Apple iOS

➢ Download for Android


Set a retirement income goal with GoalTrackerTM

Setting a retirement income goal is a great way to turn your dreams into a reality. As part of the GoalTracker program, our MyTracker tool can help you to work out how much money you’ll need to pay for the lifestyle you want in retirement and if you’re on track to get there.

Simply log in to your online account and head to the GoalTracker tab to get started.

➢ Set a goal


Send us on a search for your other super

There’s $13.8 billion in lost and unclaimed super money with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)1—some of it might be yours. Send us on a search for your lost, unclaimed, and other super. We’ll take a look around and tell you if we find anything.

Log in to your online account and head to the To Do List tab to send us on a search for your super.

➢ Search for super


Make an additional after-tax contribution

Contributing extra now can have a big impact later. Putting even a few dollars extra into your super each week could significantly boost your retirement savings. Making an after-tax (or non-concessional) contribution can be a great way to invest some of your spare cash —as you benefit from super’s tax-friendly environment.# Contribution limits do apply.

Log in to your online account and head to the Contributions tab to get started.

➢ Make an additional contribution


Review your investment strategy

Another way to reach your super goals is by having an investment strategy that is right for you. You can choose from more than 20 investment options in five categories—diversified, sector, outcome-oriented, responsible, and third-party. And if it sounds like too much hard work or you simply don’t have the time, activate GoalTracker™ Plus and leave it all to us.

Log in to your online account and head to the To Do List tab to confirm or change your investment strategy.

➢ Review your investments


Nominate your beneficiaries

Who will get your super money after you’re gone? Make sure the ones you love have financial security, by nominating who will receive your super benefit—via a beneficiary nomination.

Already nominated a beneficiary? Make sure that your nomination is up to date and still reflects your wishes.

Log in to your online account and head to the Beneficiaries tab to get started.

➢ Nominate beneficiaries


Confirm your contact details

The more options we have to contact you, the better informed you’ll be about your super.

If we’re missing your current mailing address, phone numbers or email address, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on important communications from us. Update your contact details online to make sure we can stay in touch, keep you informed and in control.

Log in to your online account and head to the Personal details tab

➢ Confirm contact details


Be rewarded

We’re here to support you in achieving your super goals. To help motivate you, we’re giving you a head-start by putting you in the running for a $5,000 super boost.*

There are monthly super boosts to be won, so the sooner you get started, the more chances you’ll have.

For full terms and conditions, click here.


Monthly prize of a $1000 super contribution

Each action you complete will give you an entry into the monthly draw of a $1000 super boost or a Garmin Fenix 6S (valued at $999 RRP) to help you reach your goals.

The sooner you start, the more chances you’ll have to win.



$5,000 super boost

Each action you complete over the promotional period will give you an entry for the $5,000 super boost. And with the addition of compound interest, that $5,000 can really add up over the years.

Now that’s gold!



To get started, take one or more of the super simple actions listed above, to set your super up to achieve the best chance at a great life after work.…………

Complete a super action and you’ll gain automatic entry. Plus, each super step taken will give you an additional entry.

What are you waiting for? Your chance to reach for super gold starts now.

Start Now


* Terms and conditions apply. The promotion starts at 00.01am on 4 October 2021 and closes 11.59pm on 30 September 2022 (promotional period). This prize is paid for by Russell Investments Employee Benefits Pty Limited and is not funded by superannuation money. Authorised under trade promotion permits: NSW Permit No. TP/01314. ACT Permit No. TP21/01570. SA Permit No. T21/1428.

1Lost and unclaimed super by postcode, 30 June 2020, Available at

#Before making additional contributions, it’s worth checking if this is the right strategy for you. We offer expert, phone-based advice on a single super-related issue, at no cost to you. Please call us on 1800 555 667 to access personal phone based advice.