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Great Apps To Boost Your Small Business’s Productivity

As a small business, finding great apps than can help you manage your company easier is essential. That’s the great thing about today’s rapid advances in technology – whatever you need help with there’s an app for that.

Here are some of our top app picks to help you stay on top of it all:


  • If you’re looking for shipping, try Boxmeup. It’s a free android app that offers you a way to track and organise your packages and shipping needs. The app allows you to print QR codes for your packages that you can scan with your phone to see all the pertinent information about the package. There is no iPhone app at this time but it is accessible through their mobile website on iPhones.
  • Notes are a great way to jot down ideas before you lose them and important details you’ll need to remember later. Evernote is the perfect app for letting you access those notes across any device you use. The basic edition is free, so you can try it out before you decide how much you need it to do.
  • For easy project management with your team, you can try Trello. It treats each project as a ‘card’, allowing you to pin it to the ‘board.’ It offers a high level of customisation and detail on each ‘card’, so you can tell your team exactly what you need easily. It also sends out an email every time you update a card.


  • If you use multiple phones or devices for your business, give Pushover a try. It can send push notifications to any smart phone and offers the ability to organise all of your messages and notifications in one spot.
  • For messaging and videoconferencing, Skype sits at the very top of the list. It offers text messaging, file sharing (of any size!), screen sharing, and conference calls of up to 25 people for the basic version – business is 250 people. Who can beat that?
  • For keeping all of your contacts updated and organised there’s Addappt. It allows you to group your contacts any way you wish, send messages from the app, and your contacts can keep their information current if they have the app as well!

Time Management

  • If you travel a lot, there’s Tripit. You can access everything you need from one app: when, where, what times, what the weather’s like, and whether there’s any delays, on any device! It doesn’t matter where you book your tickets , simply forward the travel emails to the app and it does the rest.
  • You can pinch, adjust, slide, and swipe your to-do’s to your heart’s content with Clear. This is an iOS based app that lets you organise lists, manage schedules, set reminders, and accomplish daily tasks. You can sync it across all Apple devices.
  • For a better idea of just where your time is going, there’s RescueTime. It tracks time spent across all apps and websites, then gives you a detailed report allowing you get a better idea of how your time is really spent.

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