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Combine your super

Combine your super and save on fees. Multiple accounts means you’re paying multiple sets of fees, and spending time and efforts managing different accounts.

What are the benefits of combining super?

Save on fees and watch the extra dollars add up

When it comes to your super, together is better. Cutting out extra fees will help you take advantage of the power of compound interest to grow your balance faster.

Simplify life admin and make super easier to manage

One super account means one account to monitor and manage.
It will give you a greater sense of control over your financial future and where you’re heading.

What’s more, combining your other super into your Nationwide Super account means you get to make the most of a range of great benefits, such as:

  • the big investor advantage, to tap into award-winning global investment expertise
  • GoalTracker – simply a better way to do super
  • Super Tracker App to manage super on-the-go
  • Retire Ready meetings, one-on-one meetings to help you prepare for retirement
  • an extensive advice offer—general advice, phone-based advice and personal financial planning
  • reliable and relevant information from the super experts, and
  • award-winning super and retirement offers.

Combining your super is easy, here’s how

1. Log in to your online account

2. Choose which accounts to combine

3. Submit and you’re done!

Combine your super through your online account now.

Login to your account

Important reminder

Before you combine your super with us, you should find out about any fees or charges your other fund/s might have, as well as any entitlements or insurance cover that might stop when you close your other account/s.

Other ways to combine

If you know the details of your other accounts, you could also rollover super from other Funds into your Nationwide Super account by completing and returning a Rollover form.

Download the rollover form