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Occupation Ratings

Occupational ratings are based on the classification that the insurer applies to the nature of your occupation. The below descriptions may assist you to determine which occupation rating applies to you.

You can also use this simple Online Occupation Declaration tool to determine whether you are eligible to change your occupation rating, and submit your declaration. Alternatively, you can download the Insurance Occupation Declaration form to complete and return to us.

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Occupation rating Description Examples
White collar To qualify as a white collar worker, you need to:

  • Have occupational duties which are limited to white collar tasks (eg. administrative, managerial, clerical);
  • Perform at least 80% of your occupational duties within an office environment; and
  • Not perform any manual work
Receptionist, IT worker, Accounts clerk
Professional To qualify as a professional worker, you need to meet the above white collar requirements as well as:

  • Earn at least $100,000 per annum; and either of the following:
  • Hold a tertiary qualification and be a member of a professional institute, or registered with a government body; or
  • Be a member of your employer’s executive leadership team with more than 10 years industry experience.
Pharmacist, Qualified Accountant (CA,CPA), Lawyer
Standard Any worker who does not meet the criteria for either of the above occupation ratings  Carpenter, Cafe owner, Warehouse worker