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Superannuation: How Does It Work For Employees In Australia?

Generally, retirement income in Australia is funded with a combination of personal savings, government pensions and superannuation. Understanding how Superannuation works will help you make better choices for growing your super, so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve and have always dreamed of. Learn more.

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2018 Federal Budget

2018 Federal Budget Update Following the release of the 2018 Federal Budget, there’s a lot of information to digest to understand how these changes could impact you. To help with this, we’ve unpacked the budget’s key items that could affect your super. Changes to automatic life insurance for under 25’s, low balance and inactive accounts […]

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The pros and cons of downsizing

A change may be as good as a holiday, but if you’re thinking about downsizing your home it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to be sure you’re making the right move. Learn more.

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Super News – Member Edition – Issue 1 2018

Super News – Member Edition – Issue 1 2018 Welcome to the latest edition of Super News for our members. In this edition we look at the upcoming changes we’re making to simplify the insurance claims process, update you on the government’s First Home Super Saver Scheme and Downsizing Contributions Measure, as well as the benefits […]

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Making Extra Contributions To Super Has Rewards

Making Extra Contributions To Your Super Has Rewards The best time to start tipping any extra money you can afford into super is today. Whether your retirement is just around the corner or a long way down the track, the tax benefits and compound earnings potential could give your retirement nest egg a significant boost. […]

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Finding & Consolidating Super Accounts

Finding & Consolidating Super Accounts If you’ve had a few jobs in your life, it’s likely you’ve got a few super accounts too. There are many more super accounts than there are working Australians, and if you’ve lost track of some of your accounts, you’re not alone. According the Australian Tax Office (ATO) there’s nearly […]

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