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How do super funds work?

How Do Super Funds Work?

Superannuation is one of the best ways to save money for your retirement, and has rules set by the government to manage how super is paid and the tax concessions available to make it an attractive retirement savings option. Superannuation funds pool your money with other members’ money and invest it for you. Generally, you can’t access or use this money until you retire. Learn more.

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Businessman shielding himself with his hands from the drawings of calendars and clocks on the grey wall. Business and time-management. Organising and planning. Productivity and efficiency.

What are some effective Time Management Strategies?

Time management is really important, especially when you have your own business. You have to be careful with your time so that you can get everything done, no matter how busy you feel. These time management strategies will help you with your business and life.

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Couple discussing their home finances

How to handle money in relationships

It’s no secret that financial issues can drive a wedge in even the strongest relationship. Yet ironically, money rates as one of our top taboo subjects. One in four Australians would rather talk about taxes than engage in conversations about money – even with their spouse or partner. Learn how to approach the subject with your partner.

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Australian coins and banknotes for new business investment concept.

How Do I Find an Investor for my Business?

Many people look for investors to help them get their new business started. The best way to go about this depends on your business and finance needs, and also whether you’re prepared to offer equity in your business for that initial funding. Learn more.

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Safe box - keeping super safe concept

How do I keep my Super safe?

You’re working hard to build your superannuation savings for your retirement, and protecting your savings is important, so the last thing you’d want is to be the victim of a scam or fraud. Here is some information to let you know what can happen out there, and how to help protect your super.

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Man Turning Opening Sign on Door Coffee Shop - opening new business

What Are the Steps in Starting a New Business?

Think you’ve got a great idea for a business? That is almost half the battle. But, if you want to get that business off the ground, you’ll need to work out a plan to get it up and running. Here are the steps in getting your business started.

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