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Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business: Where to begin?

For a small business, maintaining a social media presence can seem like a questionable use of effort and capital. But it’s one of the most critical steps to reach the next level. 

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running a newsagency profitably

Tips for Running a Newsagency Profitably

Running a newsagency gets complicated when consumers find it more convenient to get their news online, rather than walking down the block to purchase a hard copy. However challenging it might be, there are solutions for a newsagency to achieve a successful outcome. 

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Write a business plan

How to Write a Horse Breeding Business Plan

Starting a horse breeding business is a huge undertaking and you will likely need to add other services to sustain a reliable cash flow. If you plan to include additional services such as boarding and training, your horse breeding business plan needs to reflect those added services. A basic business plan consists of the following..

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Non-concessional contributions - super - spousal contribution

Non-concessional contributions: What are they and who can make them?

With people working longer and retiring later, your super account is not something you can afford to ignore. Even if you only make a small contribution out of every paycheck, or a small lump sum at the end of each year, it can go a long way to boosting your numbers.

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Super for small business - Advantages of being a horse trainer

Advantages of Being a Horse Trainer

Horse training is considered a growth industry, and is an industry where you don’t need a formal education to be successful. You do need to love what you are doing and for the first few years observe what successful people do.

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Salary Sacrifice - Savings - Superannuation

Should I Salary Sacrifice Some Of My Super?

Making voluntary contributions to your super fund is a great way to boost your retirement savings and help grow your nest egg for retirement more rapidly. Contributing to your super could also limit the amount of taxes that you pay each year. But is it the right option for you?

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