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Top 6 Newsagency Marketing Tips for Newsagents

Do you know that the Australian newsagency industry enjoys broad community support across the country? According to the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association, there are more than 3,000 newsagencies, and the industry is the largest, non-franchised small business sector in the country.

The sector has faced ongoing pressure in recent years though, as traditional product sales continue to decline.

To stand out in this crowded and competitive industry, newsagencies need to create awareness around their current product and service offerings with potential customers. Here are a few newsagency marketing tips:

1. Create an eye-catching window display

An eye-catching window display will pull customers to your shop. Think about the things that make your business stand out from other shops in the area and let the window display reflect the key things your newsagency is currently offering. Consider the benefits and visual appeal of digital signage in this space. Customers who may be considering your products or services will be drawn inside.

2. Promote your business using posters and flyers

Flyers and posters have always been useful tools for newsagency marketing campaigns. These two can be used to support your newsagency’s new product/s, upcoming event, or special sale. You can use posters for long term advertising, as a display to target large audiences or get the attention of the public. You can use a flyer for short term advertising right before an event, as a mailer, letterbox drop, or hand out when a customer leaves your store. You can also use flyers to reinforce poster advertising.

3. Voucher or promotion on receipt

Put a promotional code or voucher at the bottom of printed sales receipts to advertise upcoming sales in-store. You can also offer value-add bonuses or a discount if your customers come back again with the receipt. An example could be “Come back in-store between 7th November and 25th November for our 30% off sale. Terms and conditions apply – ask us for details”.

4. Up-sell

You can also increase your newsagency sales through up-selling. The principle is based on the classic “Would you like fries with that?” prompt you get at McDonald’s.

Spend some time to consider what other products or services customer may be interested in adding to different types of purchases, and then think of ways to promote those. You can be subtle about it, with things like special stands displaying those items in the customer eye-line at the point of purchase.

5. Use social media marketing

You can easily utilise Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach out to potential customers. Some of the ways you can use social media platforms to promote your newsagency include posts and visual messages such as videos and images promoting your products, and relevant hashtags to ensure you’re found. You can also advertise on Facebook and Instagram with small budgets.

6. Sensory marketing

Sensory marketing is about creating the right balance of sights, sounds and smells in your business space to affect customer behaviour – and it’s something that e-commerce can’t deliver.

In-store music can have a big effect on the amount of time customers spend browsing, so think about your playlist and get the volume levels right.

Lighting levels, display heights, aisle width and colour, all play a part in the customer experience and can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere, while also boosting sales.

Something a little less obvious is how your store smells. Engaging more of the senses by managing and creating a nicely scented space can lift your customers’ mood, and you’d be surprised at how much they may notice the difference.

As you can see, the above marketing tips can help you stand out from the crowd, and in turn boost your newsagency sales.

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