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Pension Members 

We offer two Pension account options to pre-retirees and retirees:

The Pre-Retirement Pension is designed for people aged between 56 (or your preservation age) and 64 who are still working, but want to access their super savings to boost their income or to make their money work harder with a transition to retirement strategy.

The Nationwide Super Pension is designed for people who have fully retired and want to access their super savings as a regular income, while still enjoying the tax and investment benefits of superannuation.

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Features at a glance           

  • No entry fee applies
  • Minimum opening balance of $10,000
  • You can choose the amount of your regular payment (at least the minimum limit set by the Government)
  • Your choice of fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly payments to the bank account of your choice
  • Online access to your account
  • Transition to Retirement option if you are still working
  • A choice of investment options for your Pension account
  • Ability to make lump sum withdrawals (if eligible)
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Why you should consider a pension

  • You receive a regular income paid into your bank account
  • You can also make lump sum withdrawals for those one-off expenses that come up (Nationwide Super Pension only)
  • Once you are retired or are aged 65 or over, investment earnings on a pension account are not taxed (Pre-retirement pension investment earnings are subject to tax from 1 July 2017), and if you’re 60 or over, your pension payments and any lump-sums you withdraw are tax-free
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