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Promote wellness at work at almost no cost

Promoting wellness in the workplace correlates directly with improving productivity. Creating a health-conscious work atmosphere does not have to be costly, follow some of these simple steps, be creative and design a consistent plan to follow. You will see the results very soon.

1. Promoting workplace wellness among your employees starts with yourself

Are you taking steps to promote wellness in yourself, or are you exemplifying the symptoms of workplace burnout? If the management team demonstrates an aloof attitude due to lack of sleep or proper nutrition, the rest of the employees will be quick to echo this attitude. Make sure that you are taking care of your own needs to let yourself feel energised and focused at work, so that you can serve as an inspiration to your employees.

2. Be organised and avoid unnecessary stress at work

Take your part in promoting strong mental health, and set a good example on how to manage stress at work. This can be as simple as dedicating a substantial portion of time to scheduling and organising. If employees can look to some type of consistent daily guide, knowing exactly what tasks need to be done and when, this will allow them to feel useful and energised, two strong feelings that avoid workplace anxiety.

3. Hold competitions.

Have you ever wondered why some companies have fitness competitions with step monitors and Fitbits? The reasons extend beyond healthy competition! You can also promote active breaks when employees that work mostly on the desk all day do some stretching.

Exercise can help employees clear their minds, causing them to feel less bogged down in work. Plus, all the extra energy in the office can help in improving productivity. To extend the element of competition a bit further, perhaps offer a low-cost but special prize for the winner, such as a gift card to a new healthy food restaurant or a desk plant.

4. A safe environment attracts feelings of wellness.

It is crucial to be patient and professional when an employee comes to you with concerns. If you notice that an employee has seemed unhappy in his work, articulate his strengths. You may be surprised at how a small dose of public recognition can drastically change a person’s tune, helping them to better realise how to manage stress at work. Please note that this only works if you pick something very unique to that person! If it is vague, it will sound fake.

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