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Finding & Consolidating Super Accounts

If you’ve had a few jobs in your life, it’s likely you’ve got a few super accounts too. There are many more super accounts than there are working Australians, and if you’ve lost track of some of your accounts, you’re not alone. According the Australian Tax Office (ATO) there’s nearly $18 billion in lost or unclaimed super in Australia.

Keeping track of multiple super statements each year is just one of the headaches that consolidating accounts could help solve.

Putting all of your super savings into one account means you could save costs by only paying one set of fees, it reduces your paperwork and makes it easier to keep track of your retirement nest-egg.

You just need to consider any fees that other funds may charge when exiting, and the impact of the loss of any insurance cover.

Finding lost super and consolidating with us

We’ve made the process of finding and consolidating super savings into your Nationwide Super account as simple as possible online, through MemberAccess.

Firstly, we just need the ‘green light’ from you to supply your personal details (including your TFN) to the ATO, along with consent to rollover any money they may be holding to your Nationwide Super account.

How it works

When you log into MemberAccess via our website, you’ll be asked for permission to search the ATO database for any super they can identify in your name. You’ll then see a list of any lost super held by the ATO and a second list of any accounts held with other super funds.

Simply select the accounts you’d like to transfer to your Nationwide Super account and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you don’t already have a MemberAccess account, it only takes a couple of minutes to register online – just click here to get started.

We’re here to help

We can also help you over the phone with your online lost super search, or to consolidate other accounts. Simply contact the team to get started.

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