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How to Find Lost Super

Your super is so important. Without it, you may not have enough money to retire comfortably. Because of this, you would think that we would work really hard to keep track of every dollar that goes into our super fund. However, it does get lost.

How does super get lost? It is actually pretty easy since people change their name, move, and change jobs often. Super is considered lost if the Fund can’t get in touch with you, you haven’t put any money into the account for a long time, or it was transferred.

So, how can you find your lost super?

You can use the MyGov service from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to see details of all of your super accounts. The MyGov service even offers a consolidation service, for your super funds, assuming they have a full record of each of your super accounts.

  • If you’re a Nationwide Super member, we’ll track your super down and consolidate it for you for free!

Why bother with lost super funds?

If you have lost super funds or multiple accounts with other funds, consolidating your accounts together could mean:

  • Your super savings are much easier to keep track of and manage
  • You pay less in fees – helping your super grow quicker
  • No more lost super funds!

Make sure that you’ll be ready to retire by keeping track of all of your super, and track down any that may be lost.

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