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Young woman with a piggy bank, representing savings and superannuation for retirement

Planning Ahead For Your Desired Retirement

If you desire to live large during your retirement, you may need up to $1 million to finance your lifestyle. Getting there will require more than the Age Pension. You will need to consider additional strategies like boosting your super savings or extra investment. Learn more.

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Young business manager discussing superannuation with employee at modern office

Talking About Super with My Employees

As a business owner, you have a lot going on – you are not only running a business but thinking about your own future as you get closer to retirement.  But it is also important to think about your employees.  You play a very important role in helping them prepare for their future by paying super. Learn more.

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Smiling young baker at the checkout counter.

Superannuation Support for Low-Income Earners

Many people struggle to pay their bills regularly, let alone save for their retirement. Though they need all of their income, it is just as important to start saving for their future. Lucky for them, the Australian Government provides support for people on low incomes to save for their retirement. Here are some ways that you could be eligible to get help.

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Business man doing the books at a restaurant - checking his employee's superannuation payments

Doing a Super Check as an Employer

Doing a super check is essential to make sure that you are doing everything you can, and are required to do, to help your employees be ready for their future. Find out how.

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Little girl counting coins. Savings for allocated pension concept.

What is an Account-Based Pension?

An account-based pension (also known as an allocated pension) is an account which allows you to get money regularly from your super fund when you have reached your preservation age and finished working, which is between fifty-five and sixty years old, depending on when you were born. Learn more.

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Potter entrepreneur using laptop in workshop - super for self-employed concept

Super for the Self-Employed

Super is a tax-effective way to save money for your retirement.  Contributions you make into super for yourself are taxed at fifteen percent, instead of your individual marginal tax rate (which can be much higher).  However, here are a few things you must remember.

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