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Unhappy Couple Standing Back To Back At Home - representing relationship breakdown - splitting super concept

What Happens to My Super After a Relationship Breakdown?

Super can sometimes be forgotten during a break-up. However, it is treated like property and often gets divided between both parties by agreement or by court order. Learn more.

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Close up young woman with calculator - salary sacrifice concept

What is Salary Sacrifice and Why Should I Consider It?

Salary sacrifice is when you choose to have your employer regularly pay some of your salary into super instead of taking the money as after-tax pay.  The salary you ‘sacrifice’ is paid directly into your super fund before income tax is taken out. Learn more.

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Empty room with a piggy bank representing preserved super

What is Preserved Superannuation?

Your super is generally ‘preserved’ and cannot be accessed until you meet a condition of release, such as reaching your preservation age, suffering a terminal medical condition or severe financial hardship. Learn more.

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Female hand putting a coin into piggy bank, saving while young

Growing Super As a Young Person

Though it seems far away when you are young, it is never too early to start saving for your future.  Superannuation is a good way to save for retirement. However, many underestimate the amount of money they will need to retire. Here are some tips to help you grow your super savings in the early years.

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Elderly woman in pool - representing super management for women

Tips For Women To Make Sure They Have Enough Super

There’s no doubt women have a much bigger task when it comes to saving for retirement. Small steps now can really make a big difference to your retirement savings. Find out how you can boost your super savings.

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Freelance designer brainstorming new ideas

5 Ways that Small Businesses Benefit from Hiring Freelancers

In the early stages of your business, you may find greater benefits from retaining freelancers than from hiring full- or even part-time employees. By retaining freelancers to handle the tasks that support the running of the business, such as bookkeeping, you can concentrate all of your efforts on the core value of your business. Learn more.

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