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Team Management: Diversify Your Work Groups to Move Ahead

1. Complacency

Complacency could lead to the death of your small business. When you and your workforce become too comfortable, things may become stagnant resulting in a loss of energy, productivity and, ultimately, profits. A change could pump energy into your business and employees. One way to shake things up in your team management is to diversify your work groups.

2. Fresh Perspectives

In the past, you likely put people of similar personalities and backgrounds together with the idea that harmonious teams would be good for business. This idea is, however, outdated, and often leads to a meandering work pace. Now, it is time to shake things up as you put like-mindedness to bed in favour of fresh perspectives.

3. Staff

Take a look at your staff. Hopefully, there are both men and women, a variety of ages, different nationalities, various levels of experience and education and a mix of backgrounds and cultures. If not, it is time to look at your hiring process as inclusion is so valuable. A diverse staff means you can attract a diverse set of customers.

Put together teams of workers with diversity in mind. Ask for input from all members of your new groups, and you will find an abundance of new ideas. Do not expect, however, that everything will run smoothly. Give your staff members time to gel as the unique individuals learn to communicate. This process requires hard work but it serves to heighten communication skills within your business.

4. Communication

Encourage the sharpening debate that occurs due to the differing concepts, beliefs and personalities of the group members. Conflicting points of view cause individuals to defend their positions which helps strengthen those ideas. Also, the discussions require each person to consider other positions. This leaves the group as a whole with the mission to develop the best ideas.

Your efforts in bringing together people of varying backgrounds leads to great rewards.


You and your staff will grow as you embrace a broader horizon. The big bonus is your customers benefit from a business that understands and addresses the concerns of all of our diverse communities.

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