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Tips to Manage Introverted Employees

Managing a team can be hard, even more so when one of your employees is an introvert. These employees are likely to spend a lot of time thinking and less time talking. Introverts make great employees, though they sometimes struggle in a team setting.

5 tips on how to manage introverts

1. Don’t rush an introvert.

Give them time to digest the information that you give them. Let them think and wait for them to respond. If you rush them, you are going to stress them out.

2. Introverts often communicate better in writing.

Introverts take direction better in writing because it gives them time to think before responding. Email them or write out a letter with their directions.

3. Remind introverts that you need regular updates on their work and projects.

Most introverts tend to keep their thoughts to themselves so you may have no idea how their work is going. You may not know that their projects are going well or, even if they need help.

4. Allow introverts to work by themselves as much as possible.

Introverts do much better when they work independently.

5. If they need to work on teams, balance out the introverts with the extroverts.

Then divide up the work to the best of everyone’s abilities. The introverts may prefer to do the research while extroverts will want to present the project!


By managing your employees different personalities your business can gain a lot and benefit from diversity. Balancing teams and applying some simple strategies can help you to make this process easier.

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