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What are some effective Time Management Strategies?

Time management is really important, especially when you have your own business. You have to be careful with your time so that you can get everything done, no matter how busy you feel.

5 Time Management Strategies

1. Make a list of things that you are hoping to accomplish.

You should start your morning (or end your day) by making a list of tasks that you hope to get done that day (or the next one). That way you can know exactly what to do.

2. Focus on the most important tasks first – not the easiest.

As advised by Stephen Covey, author of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, by prioritising your most important tasks, even if they are time consuming, you’ll find that less ‘urgent’ tasks come up. Try not to do the quickest and easiest tasks first or you’ll find this is what you’ll spend most of your time doing, and the more important projects will fall by the wayside.

3. Use your uninterrupted time wisely.

By knowing what needs to be done, you will be able to work hard to get things done when you have time to yourself. If you have a spouse, get as much done as you can while they are at work. With children, work around their school and nap schedule.

4. Then, minimise interruptions so you can accomplish what needs to be done.

Interruptions can really hurt your productivity. Stay away from social media and email as much as you can. Don’t answer the phone when you are working.

5. Stop multitasking.

Though many people love to multitask, it is not always helpful when it comes to productivity. It is much better to work on one task at a time before moving on to another. Your brain works best doing one thing at a time.


Time management strategies can be necessary in order to get as much done as you can in a day. Not only will it help in your business, it will also help you in your general life.

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