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What Are the Steps in Starting a New Business?

Think you’ve got a great idea for a business? That is almost half the battle. But, if you want to get that business off the ground, you’ll need to work out a plan to get it up and running. Here are the steps in getting your business started.


It is important to first know who your competitors are and how they operate. What are they doing successfully? What could they be doing better? How are you different? Who will your customers be? You should know quite a bit about them and what their needs are if you are going to try to satisfy one or more of those needs. Your research will also help you to build your business plan.

Write a Business Plan

This will help you to determine the structure of your business and how it will operate. This is when you will begin to design marketing strategies and figure out fund-raising and revenue. Having a detailed business plan will give confidence to lenders when you approach them for business loans.

Make a Financial Plan

Even if you are starting a very small business in your basement, you will need some funding. Before you can ask for funding, make sure you have a clear idea of what it will cost to get your business running. Think about whether you will need to rent a space for your business, utilities, materials, fees, taxes, employees and services that will all be necessary to get your business started. It will all cost something. Knowing how much money you will need will enable you to plan for funding.

Make Sure the Paperwork is In Order

When you are setting your business up, you do not want to go breaching any laws. Check with an association such as Small Business Association of Australia to find out what sorts of licenses and permits you will need for starting your business and make sure that everything is registered properly. You’ll also need to look into the tax implications of the business structure you choose, and your legal obligations for employing people.

Following these steps can help you to get your business started off on the right foot. Check out this article for more detail, and if you need further assistance getting your business started, contact Nationwide Super today.