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Your Unique Path to Small Business Success

Entrepreneurs are inherently unique. Embracing and showcasing your individuality will only serve to amplify the success of your small business.

So what makes your product or service so unique? Perhaps one of the following:

  • You have a mind-blowing new invention
  • You have the knowledge and power to solve a problem better than anyone else can
  • You have come up with a ground-breaking way to cut costs and improve profits
  • You are providing a service unlike any other.

It can be a combination of the above items or a range of other scenarios. Whatever the case, to gain an edge in competitive and challenging markets, you must first pinpoint these exclusive attributes and capitalise on their worth. Entrepreneurs who fail within the first five years are typically those who were unable to communicate the intrinsic value of their product or service to the marketplace.

How Can I Effectively Communicate My Ideas?

  • Branding – We live in a fast-paced and competitive age. You need to stand out from the competition using an exceptional brand strategy to tell your customers what they can expect from your business. This is where you define what makes you unique, what you stand for and the qualities you want your customers to associate with your product or service. This is called your value proposition.
  • Logo – This is the backbone of your brand. Your business requires a professional, visually stimulating and memorable logo that communicates your values. Anything associated with your business i.e. your packaging, website, letterhead, avatars, etc. will proudly display this logo.
  • Advertising – Another key to your brand strategy, you have to get the word out. An online presence is everything in this technology-saturated world we live in. A website, social media, blogging and networking are huge assets for advertising.

Also, don’t forget about good old-fashioned face-to-face networking and word of mouth. Becoming an effective communicator can greatly enhance your chances of success.

It’s helpful for potential customers and clients to meet you. The unique visionary behind this great idea. Strike up conversations at business events, seminars or even the coffee shop.

As a business owner, you can never know enough people and may just end up meeting the right person who helps you skyrocket to success.

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