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Seniors and Technology Do Mix

We live in a world full of technology. If you are unable to stay with the times, you often feel like you are going to be left behind. The Australian Government is leading a program called Broadband for Seniors which is helping seniors to take advantage of technology.

Broadband for Seniors

Broadband for Seniors is a program that helps older Australians get access to the internet, as well as the skills needed to use computers. Their goal is to give older Australians the skills needed in a secure environment where they can feel safe. There are tutors available to help you learn, as well as plenty of resources available to ensure that you have a successful learning process.


There are kiosks located all over Australia and they are free to anyone who is fifty or older and many of them have facilities for people with disabilities.

Click here to find your nearest BFS kiosk. If you have basic skills, you are welcome to use any kiosk located in Australia for free.

Online Classes

Broadband for Seniors also offer free online classes that you can take at your own convenience and get you even more comfortable on the computer. Then you can access to more resources and learn something new from the kiosks or your own house.


Broadband for Seniors is a great program to keep you up to date with technology so you can take advantage of online services like Nationwide Pension MemberAccess, where you can check your balance and accounts transactions, manage your contact details, view annual pension statements amongst other services.

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