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Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition of Achieve

It’s time to feel good about your super.

A message from us (page 2)

As you plan your winter activities, let’s also make sure your super stays active.

Super contributions 101 (page 4)

There are a number of ways to make or receive contributions to your super account. Let us count the ways and help you work out the best fit for you.

A better retirement starts now (page 6)

Are you counting down to retirement? Got a lot of questions, but not sure who to ask? Then this could be a good time to look into a Retire Ready meeting. It’s our way of helping you prepare for retirement with confidence and peace of mind.

Think super, think growth (page 8)

We thought we’d share some requests we received recently from members like you about retirement income planning, redundancy and taking time out of the workforce, together with some helpful tips and tools to get you thinking.

New rules for stronger super (page 10)

Protecting your super is what we do and now the government has introduced a few more rules that will further protect and strengthen your super. Take a moment to find out what’s changing.

Combine your super and win a $50 gift voucher (page 12)

For a limited time, combine your other super savings into your Nationwide Super account and you’ll be rewarded


Happy Reading!

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