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Super Connected

Did you know that the new Super Tracker mobile app is available for iPhone and Android? What’s more, it also brings GoalTrackerâ„¢ to life, so you can connect to truly personalised super, anytime, anywhere.

These days there’s an app for everything. Some are serious like your banking and email apps. Others are useful, like the apps that help with navigation or deliver news. And those for when you just need a good laugh.

Why not add a super app to the mix? Enter Super Tracker, our new mobile app.
Available on both iPhone and Android devices, Super Tracker comes with a number of features to help you manage your super on the go.

Packed with features

  • Dashboard
    A quick summary of your account, including your balance, so you know exactly where you are with your super savings.
  • Set a personal goal
    Set your lifestyle preferences to understand how much income you’ll need in retirement.
  • Personalised tracker
    Check how you’re tracking to your goal-are you behind or ahead of your goal and by how much?
  • Simulator
    See the impact certain actions could have on your super to help you get or stay on track.
  • GoalTracker Plus
    Optimises your investment strategy to help achieve your goal, taking the guesswork out of investing your super.

Personalised for you

Now you can access the award-winning GoalTracker program, including the MyTracker tools, and GoalTracker Plus while you’re on the go.

Get a clearer picture of where you’re headed, set your personal goal, check how you’re tracking and get your very own personalised investment strategy. Once set up, you’ll get quarterly reviews, regular updates and the personalised support that makes GoaITracker special.

Easy to use

At times, it’s easy to think of super as complex and confusing. With its intuitive design, Super Tracker makes it easy to understand what actions you could consider taking and helps to prioritise information to make informed decisions.

Your super is your money. It’s what will help you live a great life after work. With the help of the Super Tracker app, growing and managing your super has become quicker, simpler and more secure than ever before.

What’s next?

Download the app!

  1. If you’re a first-time user, register for on line access at, because you will need those same log in details to log in to the app.
  2. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download Super Tracker.
  3. Use your username and password to log in to Super Tracker-and away you go!