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Investing your super savings

Everyone’s circumstances are different. The amount of super you have when you retire will depend on a number of investment factors, including:

  • how long you have had your super for;
  • how much you have contributed;
  • how much your employer has contributed;
  • what investment option/s your super is invested in; and
  • how the investment option/s have performed.


Whether you’re a hands-on investor, or you’d like us to manage your super investments to your personal situation, we offer a range of world-class investments to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Let us manage your investments

GoalTracker can invest your super based on the information it knows about you, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your investments as your circumstances change.

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Choose how you want to invest

Select from a range of investment options that align to your needs – including your goals, timeframe, and appetitie for risk and return. You can choose from over 20 investment options, and our award-winning, multi-asset portfolios include diversified, outcome-oriented, sector, responsible and third-party options.


Each diversified option has a different split between growth and defensive asset types, according to its risk/return profile.

Each option is spread across a wide range of asset classes, in varying allocations between defensive and growth type investments. This ensures that they remain true to their risk/return profile regardless of market conditions.

» Defensive

» Diversified 50

» Balanced Growth

» Growth

» High Growth


These investment options are focused on investment opportunities with low carbon impact, and/or environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics.

There are both Australian and Global responsible options available.

» Low Carbon Australian Shares

» Low Carbon Global Shares


Each sector option is actively managed to provide exposure to a single asset class, such as shares, bonds, property, infrastructure and cash.
More specific options are available, including Australian and Global variants of some asset classes for more discrete exposures. Some global options offer $A Hedging to minimise the impact of currency fluctuations on performance.

» Australian Fixed Income

» Global Fixed Income – $A Hedged

» Australian Shares

» Global Shares

» Global Shares – $A Hedged

» Australian Cash

» Australian Floating Rate

» Emerging Markets

» Listed International Property Securities – $A Hedged

Third party options

These options are managed to provide passive investment exposure to a benchmark index.

These options are not actively managed and aim to track the return of their reference index.

There are Australian Shares, Global Shares and Global Shares $A Hedged variants available.

» Third-Party Indexed Australian Shares

» Third-Party Indexed Global Shares

» Third-Party Indexed Global Shares – $A Hedged

For details on HOW we invest your super savings, visit our ‘How We Invest’ page.

Making an investment choice

Whether you want us to manage your super investments with GoalTracker, or you want to set your own investment strategy – simply complete the relevant section of the application form when joining Nationwide Super.

If you’re already a member and didn’t make an investment selection, or would like to change how your current super benefits and future contributions will be invested, the simplest way is to use your secure, online MemberAccess account. You can also complete and return an Investment Choice form, or refer to our PDS and Guides for more information about your investment options.

Need advice?

Plenty of people make the decision to get some advice when making important financial decisions, and with Nationwide Super you can access an expert Super Adviser to help. Simply call us on 1800 025 241 and we can put you directly in touch over the phone for help with investment options, insurance or other financial advice.

For simple guidance on investing basics and super, see the government’s MoneySmart website, or ASFA’s ‘Super Guru’ website.

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