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Shot of a woman using a laptop to track spending online

How tracking your spending can change your life

ME put four participants to the test by asking them to track their spending for the entire month of February using ASIC’s award-winning TrackMySpend app. Overall, all participants agreed the exercise empowered their money management in these three major ways.

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Couple standing in front of their new home

How first home buyers can boost borrowing power

When it comes to maximising borrowing power ahead of buying your first home, a deposit is important, but it isn’t everything. A range of factors work together to shape your borrowing power.

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Uber driver using smarphone GPS to follow the route.

5 ways to make and save money with the sharing economy

The sharing economy is all about exchanging goods and services on a peer-to-peer basis. It’s a win-win for everyone with cheap prices and a chance to fatten your wallet by pocketing extra income.

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Mother working from home with baby

Managing a Business with a Baby

Bringing a baby into the mix can really throw your business for a loop. However, it is possible to have a family and a successful business! Here are some tips to running a business with a baby.

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Secrets to getting out of credit card debt

If you don’t pay your credit card off each month, follow these simple steps to take control of debt.  

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Supporting Hunter TAFE 2016 Alumni Awards

The NSF Super team were proud to be the major sponsor of the 2016 Hunter TAFE Alumni Awards, presented as part of the Hunter TAFE Awards at Crown Plaza, Terrigal.

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