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Couple analysing their superannuation status

Superannuation Myths: Will Super Come Up Short?

Superannuation can often be misunderstood. However, as more and more of us turn our attention to saving for retirement, it’s important we are educated on the status of our own super savings. In this post, we will break down some of the myths about superannuation, and as identified by ASFA we’ll highlight and summarise the truths that can help you for own future.

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Casual workings are entitled to super

Are casual workers entitled to superannuation?

Are you a casual worker wondering whether your employer should be contributing superannuation for you? The good news is that yes, you may be entitled to super. Here’s a breakdown of whether you are entitled to super from your employer.

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Senior Couple downsizing

The pros and cons of downsizing

A change may be as good as a holiday, but if you’re thinking about downsizing your home it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to be sure you’re making the right move. Learn more.

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Getting her home business up and running

The money mistake you can’t afford to make

Research shows 25% of Aussies are not paying off debt even though they’re sitting on cash savings. There can be perfectly logical reasons to hold both debt and savings. The problem is, co-holding could be costing you dearly. Let’s do the sums to see why.

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Save money on interest free

The sudden interest in interest-only loans

You may be aware that interest-only loans came under the scrutiny of banking watchdog APRA early in 2017. In a bid to take the heat out of the property market and protect consumer interests, APRA introduced new limits to the volume of interest-only loans that banks and other lenders can offer. Learn more.

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analysing credit card fees can help reduce costs

How to save on bank fees

When it comes to saving money it pays to sweat the small stuff. A raft of everyday banking fees could be gouging a hole in your finances. Find out how you can save $500 annually.

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