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4 Ways To Find Investors For Your Small Business

After creating a killer business plan, the next step to building your small business is getting funding: that means that you have to find investors. It can be tricky, but here are some ways to help you find investors to fund your small business.

1. Go The Traditional Route

The traditional route to getting funding for your small business usually means taking that business plan that you have laboured over and using it to apply for a small business loan. You can apply for this loan from a bank or from private equity firms. Both are more likely to lend you the money you are looking for if you can present them with a strong plan, detailing how you will become successful.

2. Check Out Local Organisations

A local small business administration or small business incubator or accelerator can not only help you to locate investors but can also give you access to local grant money for starting a new business. They can also help you to find a mentor and get advice from other local business owners.

3. Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Let your friends and family know what you are up to and keep them in the loop. When it comes time to seek funding, you may be surprised by how many are willing to step up and invest in your start-up.

4. Hit The Internet

The internet is a marvel of the modern world. In this case you can use it to find funding through things like crowd funding sites and angel networks. Don’t forget to hit up professional networking sites as well.


Your budding business is going to need funding to get started. Using these strategies can help put you in contact with the investors you need to get your business off the ground. And for any additional help getting your business started, follow the Nationwide Super blog here.